About MGI Motorsport

It started with a vision…

MGI Motorsport was established in 2006. Since then we have grown into a global company and a leader in the performance automotive industry. Our community of loyal clients number over three thousand that span five continents.  Our team is made up of the best ECU software engineers that provide value added solution services to automotive repair shops. This translates into steady revenue stream and reliable customer base.



MGI Motorsport is founded with a specific focus on automotive performance software development


After four successful years in the market demand for our services has increased. Our mission is to provide, effective low cost tuning solutions that can support the work order needs specifications of the repair shops. This is the reason we started the development of tools that support our clients remotely.


MPF (MGI Performance Flasher) is released on the market supporting a wide range of General Motors Vehicles.


MGI Motorsport expands successfully in other brands (such as BMW, Mercedes, VAG, Toyota etc) .


We are now offering a variety of tools supporting all brands (MPF, MGI Autotuner, FLEX and Bitbox) for repair shops. This provides additional income stream and builds a satisfied customer base.