MPF is our flashing tool for GM vehicles that allows us to read and write your customers ECU/ ECM/PCM. MPF consists of a cable and our proprietary software which is loaded on your laptop. Using this cable and software you connect directly to your customers cars OBD2 port. Then you can read out the ecu which is then sent to us for modification based on your customers needs. We will then modify that file and send it back for you to load into the car. 2 steps is all it takes. And we strive for same day service in most cases. There are no subscription fees or credits required


User Friendly Application3 step process

  • Step 1

    Connect the MPF on your laptop and on the vehicles OBD2 Port.

  • Step 2

    You read out the content of the ECU with a single click on the Read tab. Since the ECU reading is completed within few minutes the ECU Readout is automatically saved on the applications folder. You can either email us or upload on our server the ECU readout.

  • Step 3

    You can download the modified software from our server or get it by email. You select it and it is uploaded on the ECU with a single click on the Write tab. That’s it!

Highest Quality Tuning SoftwareNo Investment Required


Our dealers get the MPF as part of our wholesale dealer agreement


You can use your business laptop (W7 or higher) to do the job

Internet Connection

Use your internet connection and we’ll do all the rest! Online support is also offered!

No Subscription Fees

No susbcrition fees are required for our tuning software platform

Free Updates

Updates of the MPF and new supported vehicles come with no charge

No Credits

You do not have to prepay any kind of credits


  • MPF hardware interface comes with 2 years warranty. Warranty excludes any physical or accidental damages.